3 Tips For All Women To Keep There Lips Beautiful And Healthy!

How many women use lip stick without applying a moisturizer?

How many women use lip stick without putting a moisturizer on there lips before applying there lip stick? I'm pretty sure you make this mistake constantly but you are not alone.   Not making this common mistake plays a key role in your lip health overall.

Researchers have found that average lipstick or lip gloss use resulted in women exceeding daily intake guidelines for aluminium, cadmium, chromium and manganese.

Lipsticks are known to cause allergy and irritation over the lips and the surrounding skin. Other harmful effects include blockage of pores, drying and chapping of lips.

Applying a all natural lip balm that is formulated to hydrate every layer of the lips before applying lip stick will dramatically cut down on the drying and chapping of the lips brought on buy your favorite lip stick.

Orangelyptus is one of the best lip balms around simple because Your lips yes Your lips is our only concern. Your Health and well being is at the for front of this silky lip balm formulation.

The sole reason Orangelyptus was born was to bring a life changing lip experience to women who lips were a priority. 

Oranglyptus Quality

Why do you need this lip balm?

Orangelyptus was created to satisfy the never ending need for hydration outside and inside the lips. Your favorite lip balm is 90% most likely full of BHT, Chemical Sunscreens, Petroleum, Dyes, and Fragrance. With lips being so thin these chemicals soak into the blood stream quickly. Orangelyptus was created from 100% All Natural hand picked ingredients. The Organic All Capping Bees wax is a very rare ingredient indeed . The Capping wax is formulated perfectly with High Quality non drying, drying, and semi drying Butters and Oils like Mango Butter, and Grapeseed oil to insure maximum moisture and hydration at every layer.  Also to add there is no fragrance in our balm cream. Scent is provided by High Quality Essential oils so rest easy.  IF YOUR LIPS DESERVE ROYALTY**ORANGELYPTUS** IS YOUR KING.

"A Gift From Nature To You"...

orangelyptus contains:


All Capping Beeswax

All Capping Beeswax is a very special and rare ingredient that keeps lips amazingly Silky..


Hydration & Moisture

The Formula is blended to insure supreme hydration. This is key because lips have no sweat glands to produce sebum.


100% All Natural Ingredients

 Organic Coconut Oil,  All Capping Bees Wax, Olive Oil, Cocoa Butter, Grapeseed Oil, Mango Butter, Organic Shea Butter, Lemongrass, Orange, and Eucalyptus Essential Oil. No Preservatives, No Chemicals, No Sulfates, No Animal Products or Testing. 

Lip Health

Your lips should be pink and soft at all times. Hydration is the key Internally with drinking plenty of water and Externally with "ORANGELYPTUS!!"

Lip Health

If your Majorly Stressed Out cold sores or cracked lips can be a side effect of high stress levels. You should Relax hydrate with water and moisturize with Orangelyptus. If lips don't improve see a dermatologist for low zinc, iron, or low B3 B6 vitamin deficiency.

Lip Health

Why would you use any other lip balm that's not 100% All Natural? After being informed about lip health please make the right choice to switch to Orangelyptus Your Lips Deserve it!!

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Your lips deserve to be in a heavenly state of meditation...